Tired of Diet Plans That Don’t Work?

Discover the Personalized Weight loss Solution That Determines the Particular Cause (or Causes) of Your Weight Gain & Then Provides the Easy Steps to Lose Your Excess Weight & Finally Keep it Off FOR GOOD!

It’s Time You Learned the Truth About “One-Size-Fits-All Fad Diet Plans” (Hint: They Don’t Work) So You Can Stop Wasting Your Time & Start Losing Real Weight

One thing you learn rather fast in life is that we are all different – from the shape of our bodies to the color of our hair to the personal issues that we deal with.

So why we would we think that a general fad diet plan would work the same for us as it would for someone else?

Sure go on one of the fad diets and you could lose weight – it might not be as much as your friend who is on the same diet – but if you follow the strict rules and basically starve yourself you can lose weight.

But here’s the thing, nobody can live the rest of their life that way. Those diet plans are far too strict. Eventually, you’ll have to eat more and the minute you do the weight will start coming back.

Often you end up weighing more than you did before you started the fad diet plan, which leaves you feeling like a failure. You wonder why you put yourself through all that pain and you feel like you are never going to be able to lose the weight.

But here’s the truth – you can lose weight and keep it off, you’ve just been going about it the wrong way!

You need a solution that is customized to you. Believe it or not, there are diets that work but they aren’t harsh fad diet plans that strictly limit your calories and tell you that you can lose dozens of pounds in 4 to 6 weeks.

Those types of diets are excruciating and only the most mentally strong of us can stick to them – and even then they don’t deliver anywhere near the results they promise.

So why put yourself through all that pain and discomfort when a better, easier, quicker solution is available?

Introducing The Weight Loss Specialists

diet plan founderHello, my name is Robert Galarowicz ND, and I am a Nutritionist and Naturopath. I am also the Co-Founder and Director of “The Weight Loss Specialists.

Basically, we are a team of highly trained nutritionist, weight loss and lifestyle consultants who specialize in helping clients achieve lasting weight loss results.

It doesn’t matter how much you weigh or how many times you have tried to lose weight in the past and failed.

We can help you – just like the hundreds of people we helped before in New Jersey.

Even if you feel like you are addicted to certain types of foods and can’t possibly resist the cravings that come upon you – we can still help you.

The truth is losing weight doesn’t have to be hard like all those fad diets and ineffective diet plans make it appear to be.

I will reveal the key that unlocks the door to quick and easy weightloss in just a moment, but first let me briefly mention how important it is for you to lose weight.

What Your Real Benefits of Weight Loss Will Be

If you are overweight, I’m sure you’ve heard the negative statistics regarding carrying around extra fat.

Your chances of getting coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, a stroke, diabetes, cancer and more all increase as your weight increases.

But I don’t want to talk about that, I want to talk about the good that happens when you lose weight.

Suddenly, you feel healthier and more attractive and your energy increases. Life becomes lighter and brighter and more fun.

Your self-esteem increases and you begin looking forward to the next day instead of spending your time thinking about the past and your regrets.

Basically what I’m saying is that all the times you tried different diet plans to lose weight and failed you were right to try. Don’t regret trying, your efforts have led you to this web page today – a place where you can finally begin to realize your weight-loss goals.

So What Makes The Weight Loss Specialists So Different & So Much More Effective Than Other Diet Plans?

That key to weightloss that I promised to reveal earlier is what separates us from the competition.

You see, the very first thing we do when you come to our practice is we perform a Metabolic Weight Loss Assessment (MWLA).

This is the key! This test gives us your unique Metabolic Assessment Profile, which is a snapshot of how your body’s systems are working including your metabolism, detoxification, digestion, hormones, fat burning status, antioxidant capacity and more. This assessment uses the latest advances in weight loss technology.

The profile provides valuable data that we use to select the perfect weight loss and diet plan solution for you.

Thanks to MWLA, we’ll know exactly what is making you gain weight and the best way to ensure you lose weight.

Our experts will then take this knowledge and use it to craft the best diet plan and safe natural supplements for you.

Your plan will include a detailed fat-loss blueprint that will be customized for you and help you:

Your blueprint will also include a personalized flexible meal plan and food lists that focuses on the best diet foods and supplements for you and much more.

No plans are alike. You receive a unique custom plan based on your body, food preferences, lifestyle, health conditions, and more.

In short, you’ll have everything you need to start losing weight and keep it off.

As a result, at The Weight Loss Specialists you’ll:

Just imagine feeling healthier and more energetic...

Imagine being able to wear those clothes that are still in your closet that you haven’t been able to wear for years...

It’s all possible when you join The Weight Loss Specialists.

Look What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Diet & Weight Loss Plans:

weight_loss_diet_client “I lost 34 pounds in 6 weeks of working with the Weight Loss Specialists. I feel good, have more energy and I learned about foods and diets which I will use for the rest of my life. I really like the way I look.”
-Nicky Swartz, Bergen County, NJ

client_testimonial “Within a week and a half my weight loss was very noticeable. I started losing weight right from the beginning but I lost inches quicker! I never had that kind of results before. If you have problems losing weight like I did I would recommend The Weight loss Specialists to see results in your weight loss and diet efforts.”
- Melissa Dusand, Rockland County, New York

nj_diet_success_story"I tried other weight loss and diet plans before, but the staff at the Weight Loss Specialist not just helped me to lose weight, but they helped me stop the cycle of regaining the weight. I lost 27 pounds without stressing, completed their program in April 2015, and I have kept the weight off. If you follow the diet plan program, you will learn how to diet for losing weight and maintain your results.”
- Edward LaRue, Passaic County, New Jersey 

headshot_weight_loss_program “In four weeks I lost 3 dress sizes. I feel great and don’t go hungry. I can’t wait to see next months results.”
– Rachael Greenberg, Hackensack, NJ, Bergen County 

diet_plan_member I have always had a weight problem ever since I was a little kid. I tried all kinds of diets and exercise programs but they never seemed to work. Then a friend told me about the Weight Loss Specialists and how they helped her. They were different than anything I tried before. So far I have lost 28 pounds, and I learned what the best diet is for me. I am no longer nervous eating out and I feel better than I ever have in my life. Thanks you!
- Valerie Latorne, Bergen County, New Jersey (NJ)

Ready to Write Your Own Weight Loss Success Story?

When you come to The Weight Loss Specialists, you will get a flexible healthy weight loss plan by real certified nutritionists, lifestyle and weight management consultants that is personalized for your diet and nutrition needs! You could lose 15 to 30 pounds or more in a short amount of time.

You will also receive and learn:

I Don’t Want to Say Losing Weight Will Be Easy …

But come to The Weight Loss Specialists and you’ll be amazed at how much less difficult it is to drop that extra fat – particularly if you have recently tried one of those fad diet plans.

There are so many weight-loss tips, information and diet plans available today that it can be difficult to figure out what will work for you.

At The Weight Loss Specialists, our experts perform the assessments that give them the exact information they need to put you on the best diet plan for your body.

No more guessing … no more uncertainty.

You’ll be put on a plan that works and then you’ll be given the encouragement and added support that will help you push past challenges and exceed your weight-loss goals.

With The Weight Loss Specialists:

So Why Make Yourself Go Through All the Expensive Trial & Error That So Many Other Yo-Yo Dieters Go Through?

When you could save yourself a lot of hard work as well as valuable time and money by coming to The Weight Loss Specialists?

Enrolling in our program is your chance to experience all of the following:

This program is your chance to start waking up each day with the confidence and assurance that you look and feel better than you have in years!

weight_loss_diet_assessmentSo What ARE You Waiting For?

Schedule Your Free 45-Minute Metabolic Weight Loss Assessment Valued at $99!

This comprehensive metabolic weight loss assessment covers over 15 vital functions of your body systems, lifestyle and metabolism and is a real game-changer when it comes to losing weight.

The results you get here will show you why your body is storing fat and exactly what you need to do to fix it.

Even if you decide not to join our program this report will be yours to keep and the information it contains can dramatically improve your chances of losing weight in the future.

Keep in mind if you schedule an assessment, you are under no obligation to move forward with us – and you also won’t be subjected to any high pressure sales tactics.

We only want what is best for you (our reputation depends on it) and if you feel that doesn’t involve The Weight Loss Specialists then we will respect your decision.

So don’t delay, schedule your free assessment now. Hurry, our schedule tends to fill up quickly, which means you might have to wait a week or two or more to get in to see us – those are weeks that you could be losing weight and transforming into the new you!

Don’t miss out, contact us now and get started down the path to a skinnier, leaner, healthier you!

Call 201-957-6881 or fill out the form below and click submit to schedule your assessment.

Keep in mind should you decide to join our program that we also offer a …

No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

That’s right, when you join The Weight Loss Specialists you will have 7 full days to decide whether our program is right for you.

If it’s not, simply notify us by the end of the seventh day and we will refund your money in full.

That’s how confident we are that you will be pleased with our program and the results it begins producing almost immediately – results like stubborn pounds melting away, you sleeping better at night and you feeling much more energetic.

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We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

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P.S. Weight loss is possible when you know how to properly nourish and care for your body. Most diets don’t cover this. At The Weight Loss Specialists, we do a unique Metabolic Weight Loss Assessment that tells us exactly why you are gaining weight and what you need to do to lose it and keep it off. Contact us now to schedule your free assessment and to unlock the real secrets to losing weight.

P.S. Remember, the assessment is free and should you sign up for our program your purchase will be backed by a money-back guarantee. That means you have nothing to lose by taking advantage of this offer – except weight of course!

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